Sunday, August 23, 2009

julie and julia

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If you haven't yet, get off your booty and get yourself to the nearest movie theater to see the new Nora Ephron flick, Julie and Julia. It's phenomenal! Based off of Julie Powell's novel, Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen, the movie focuses on Julie (Amy Adams), a bored cublicle worker in New York City who blogs about getting through the Julia Child cookbook to get through her life, and Julia Child herself (Meryl Streep) and her journey creating the cookbook some decades earlier. I loved the characters, the feel-good vibe, the soundtrack, it was all perfect for a Sunday afternoon date with my mom (: One last thing: Beware, cooking fanatics! This movie will make you extremely hungry and cause an uncontrollable urge to grab your favorite cookbook off the shelf and spend endless hours in the kitchen! Drag a cute guy along as well. I've learned from Julie and Julia that cooking is extremely romantic!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

pretty things

Procrastinating on precalc homework, anticipating the season premiere of Project Runway in T-minus 2 hours... can't wait! School is going swimmingly, I love my classes, for the most part. I got my first newspaper assignment today, it's just a 400 word news story on the two new vice principals on campus, but I can't believe my "journalism career" is finally starting off! Hopefully one day I'll be rocking the whole, "I work for Seventeen magazine," kind of thing. Hey, a girl can only dream!
I've been tumbling a lot recently... linkage for my tumblr page is on the sidebar under "USEFUL THINGS." Now, onto pretty photos I've posted and stumbled upon on tumblr!
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Monday, August 17, 2009

back to school shopping

Hello there! Sorry it's been so long, I've been away in Colorado backpacking, biking, etc.... but I'm home, and finally sixteen! To celebrate my birthday, my mom treated me to a shopping spree in the city. We had so much fun walking around and splurging on back to school necessities (hopefully my dad doesn't see the credit card bills!) I came out with a ton of great basics and knits - trends I noticed in most of the stores included animal prints (especially cheetah/leopard), black/white/grey/navy, light pinks, romantic styles, rose appliques, and pencil skirts. What trends have you come upon while shopping for the upcoming season?

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dress with rose appliqué, h&m

cheetah print leotard dress, urban outfitters

mink pink tank dress, macys

honey bootcut joes jeans, macys

pink knit ballerina wrap, h&m

"look of love" white tank and black tank under, h&m

silence and noise black and white cardigan, urban outfitters

animal print cardigan, h&m

ella moss knit sweater, macys

nick and moe sweater & brown tank top, local boutique

oatmeal colored cardigan, local boutique

sabino leather tote, local boutique

orange/red tank, macys

black and white afghan, urban outfitters (it was $9!)

two h&m headbands, wooden ring, two pairs of marc by marc jacobs sunnies

and the betsey johnson necklace pictured with all the outfits... i bought it last spring

i'll be updating soon, leave a comment and the link to your blog if it's not on my favorites already xx