Tuesday, December 29, 2009

black coffee

If I had to pick two things that I loved, it'd be a tough challenge. But I'd have to say singing, for sure, and quite possibly hot beverages.. tea, coffee, hot cocoa, whatever floats your boat.

We got the sweetest mugs for my dad for Christmas - kind of girly, but I think he likes them, considering he's abandoned our old, cracked ones and have used these for his drinks every morning!

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Red Peace Mugs from Sundance

I like my coffee with a little bit of sugar, and a little bit of half and half. Bitter is better!

And on the coffee subject - here's a video of me singing the jazz standard Black Coffee at a recent music showcase at my school!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

desktop delightful

My current desktop at the moment... there's something so appealing about opening up your laptop and seeing this.

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What's on your desktop?

the loot

It's always a little bit depressing once Christmas has come and gone. I hate taking down the tree and all the decorations... and the lack of holiday music through the house is always a bummer.

But on a lighter note, how was your Christmas?! Mine was really nice, we had our family come over and spend the night. It's always nice to play a board game or two and take a nice walk around the neighborhood with people you only see three or four times a year. My mom made really yummy food, including this great persimmon salad with pomegranate seeds and kiwi! I wish I had gotten a photo... and for dessert, we had homemade apple crisp and tiny little cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. So cute!

Anyway, here's what Santa brought me this year. I'm really excited about my new instant camera. I never realized how precious instant film is - holding a picture you just took, not just looking at it on a screen, is kind of a magical experience!

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From top left: Built NY laptop case, Julie & Julia dvd, He's Just Not That Into You dvd, Fujifilm Instax Mini camera and film, four Erin Bode cds, 1000 Journals Project book, Mothers & Daughters book, Mary Englebreit calendar

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas!

Enjoy this lovely photo by Machel Spence on Flicker!

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Thanks to everyone who has read my posts and followed this blog, I'm really looking forward to what it evolves into in the New Year! Merry Christmas, everyone!

the good years

It's nice to occasionally reminisce...

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Mommy and me, circa 1996

Merry Christmas Eve!

Monday, December 21, 2009

turned on twilight

I never thought I'd be a Twilight girl... I've never been one for vampires or sappy romances. But oh my goodness, it doesn't take much more than reading Eclipse for an hour or two until, BAM! you've joined the masses!

Considering my lack of an intriguing boy in my life right now, I've decided to whisk myself away into the wonderful fictional world of Forks, Washington... or rather La Push reservation!! I'm definitely Team Jacob, no matter how sparkly Edward Cullen may be.

I sadly have not seen New Moon in theaters yet... even thought it's been out for over a month! I'll make that a priority on my winter break to-do list. I normally never go to the movies in theaters, I find it kind of uncomfortable, sitting in a seat that thousands of people have sat in... but I want to be able to stare at the yummy Taylor Lautner for extended periods of time, so I guess I'll make an exception! :)

I mean, who couldn't resist this?
(Pictures courtesy of Rolling Stone)

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Am I embarrassed by my newfound love for this teenage craze?

No, not the slightest bit :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

young things

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What is your vividest childhood memory? Mine for certain is making "potions" with water, dirt, leaves and spices from the spice cabinet with my best friend from elementary school. We were cute back in the day, eh?

Photo of me and my best childhood friend in kindergarten (I'm the blonde!) I'm loving the crew neck sweatshirts!

Friday, December 18, 2009

have a very merry anthro christmas

Have I ever expressed my love for anything Anthropologie? I biked over to the Anthro by my high school on Thursday after finals, and got some Christmas shopping done. Our store is the biggest in the area - they took out the entire mall food court just for the store! But hey, as much as I loved getting grilled cheese and milkshakes at the cute 50s-esque diner there, I can't complain. I'd much rather have a sweater from Anthro than a diner dinner any day.
I sent my mom a huge email with links to everything I could find on the Anthropologie website that I just adored! She replied saying, "What do you think I am, made of money or something?" Well, mom, a girl can dream....

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instant fun

My family was rushing to get our online holiday shopping done, so when asked what I wanted, I spent a good hour on my laptop, searching for something that would provide long lasting fun. What did I come up with? Quite possibly the best thing for a crafty girl like myself, who likes to document anything and everything through photography.
Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce my soon to be baby, the Fuji Instax Instant Camera!
With the death of Polaroid, I thought maybe I had just missed out on the last of the instant camera glory age. But fortunately, Fujifilm has been kind enough to bring their newest version of the instant camera to the USA, and boy, it could not get any better than this!
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The Instax, with its clean look and fun shape, produces these credit card-sized instant photos, with the same little polaroid-like frame. The photos are so perfect for my scrapbook and bulletin boards! Despite the hefty price tag for film (about $1 per shot), I think it'll be worth it... as long as I take photos sparingly, and only at the proper moments!
I'm so excited to see the camera under the Christmas tree! I'm sure the first photo I'll take will be of my family on Christmas Day!
What is on your wish list this holiday season?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

pink tinsel

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The pink tinsel christmas tree in my bedroom gets me in the holiday spirit every day when I wake up!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

tuesday gift day

Happy December! I'm so happy, the holiday season has officially begun! One thing I love about Christmas is online shopping... I create lists and bookmark hundreds of items I love, even though I will only find one or two of them under the Christmas tree... I've decided to do some gift posts, over the next three weeks, just so I don't go hog wild in one post alone! Here are some sweet things to give to ensure a bright holiday!

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Juicy Couture Convertible Mittens ~ Neiman Marcus, $55

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Recycled Candy Wrapper Clutch, Uncommon Goods, $28

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Miss Marc Patent Ballerina Flats, Neiman Marcus, $195

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Victoria's Secret Pink Laptop Case, Victoria's Secret, $29.50

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iPod nano 8 GB w/video, Amazon.com, $150

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

crying playlist

On one of my last nights in DC the other week, all of us girls in journalism crowded in a hotel room, got in bed and listened to my friend's infamous "Crying Playlist." I added some of my own songs that I love as well... Trust me, this shit will make you cry (pardon my french!)

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All of Me ~ Meiko
Almost Lover ~ A Fine Frenzy
And Now We Sing ~ Duncan Sheik feat. Holly Brook
Belle ~ Jack Johnson
The Beacon ~ A Fine Frenzy
A Beautiful Mess ~ Jason Mraz
Between the Lines ~ Sara Bareilles
Black Bird ~ Evan Rachel Wood
Blue ~ Joni Mitchell
Blue Lips ~ Regina Spektor
Breakable ~ Ingrid Michaelson
Cactus Tree ~ Joni Mitchell
Can't Help Falling in Love ~ Ingrid MIchaelson
Carry You Home ~ James Blunt
Casimir Pulaski Day ~ Sufjan Stevens
Chasing Cars ~ Snow Patrol
Chocolate ~ Snow Patrol
City ~ Sara Bareilles
Constellations ~ Jack Johnson
The Cure for Pain ~ Jon Foreman
Details in the Fabric ~ Jason Mraz
Dream ~ Priscilla Ahn
Early Mornin' Rain ~ Peter, Paul and Mary
The Eraser ~ Thom Yorke
Fair ~ Remy Zero
Fake Plastic Trees ~ Radiohead
Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop ~ Landon Pigg
Fell in Love Without You (Acoustic) ~ Motion City Soundtrack
Flightless Bird, American Mouth ~ Iron & Wine
Fly Me to the Moon ~ Joshua Radin
Georgia On My Mind ~ Ray Charles
Girls Just Want to Have Fun ~ Greg Laswell
Giving Up ~ Ingrid Michaelson
Gone for Good ~ The Shins
Gravity ~ John Mayer
Gravity ~ Sara Bareilles
Green Eyes ~ Coldplay
Half Life ~ Imogen Heap
Hallelujah ~ Jeff Buckley
Hide and Seek ~ Imogen Heap
How It Feels ~ Duncan Sheik
How To Say Goodbye ~ Paul Tiernan
I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You ~ Colin Hay
I Will Follow You Into the Dark ~ Death Cab for Cutie
If You Would Come Back Home ~ William Fitzsimmons
The Ice Is Getting Thinner ~ Death Cab for Cutie
Killing the Blues ~ Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
>Lady in Spain ~ Ingrid Michaelson
Let Go ~ Frou Frou
Like Blood Like Honey ~ Holly Brook
Lille ~ Lisa Hannigan
Little Green ~ Joni Mitchell
The Minnow and the Trout ~ A Fine Frenzy
My Beautiful Rescue ~ This Providence
Near to You ~ A Fine Frenzy
One of These Things First ~ Nick Drake
The Only Living Boy in New York ~ Simon and Garfunkel
Orange Sky ~ Alexi Murdoch
Please Read the Letter ~ Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
The Rain ~ Melody Gardot
River ~ Joni Mitchell
The Scientist ~ Coldplay
Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us ~ Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
Speed of Sound ~ Chris Bell
Such Great Heights ~ Iron & Wine
Swan Song ~ A Fine Frenzy
This Time ~ Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Through the Morning, Through the Night ~ Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
Turpentine ~ Brandi Carlile
We All Fall in Love Sometimes ~ Jeff Buckley
We Build Bridges ~ Liz Durrett
With You ~ Jonah Johnson
World Spins Madly On ~ The Weepies
Wild Word ~ Cat Stevens
Yellow ~ Jem
Your Long Journey ~ Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

Saturday, November 21, 2009

santa's laundry day

My mom gets the Garnet Hill catalogue in the mail every once in a while. I was flipping through it the other day and fell in love with this bedding set!

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If I was Mrs. Claus, I'd have fun doing the laundry for Santa! I get a kick out of his long underwear!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

loving lulu's

I found out about the sweetest online boutique the other day! Lulu's began as a mother-daughter project in 1996, and has continued to grow by offering fun, fashionable pieces for affordable prices. They add stock every week, and sell everything from prom dresses to lace up loafers to quirky clutches. Their dress selection impresses me, for they offer absolutely lovely pieces, most which are under $60! Take a look at some of my favorites:

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The ruffle gives this classic cream and black dress a beautifully sophisticated vibe!
Buananotte Dress, $60
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One word: Prom.
Blushingham Dress, $50
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I'm obsessed with the sleeves and scoop neck - definitely an "It" Girl dress!
Dear Diary Dress, $37

Have you ever bought off of Lulu's?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

iphone discoveries

Upon the arrival of my beautiful new 13 inch Macbook Pro, I plugged in my iphone to update it and such, and iphoto popped up, asking if I'd like to download all my phone photos onto my computer. I had fun looking back on them and remembering the past year or so and all the little things I did or saw that I forgot about until now. Here's a peek at some of my favorite shots with my handy cellular device!
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A fun diner lunch with a friend led to this...
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Pretty cupcake plate at a gift store.
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Cool soap and bath bombers from the Lush!
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Sunset after dance class one night.
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A babysitting adventure for my neighbor led me to take this photo!
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My friend's beautiful house! I love the color <3
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Trying on baskets for my townie bike, which I have dubbed Baby Wasabi.
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Rainbow outside of the school parking lot.
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View from my friend's house (you can see the Golden Gate in the background!)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

statement scarves

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Gigantic cable knits and intricate layering makes the scarves at Anthropologie this season stand out from all the rest. I love the ruffles on these two and how the eyes is instantly drawn to the contrast between the scarf and hat/scarf and gloves. And don't you love that warm, royal blue they've paired everything with?! It's such a cozy color!
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Urban Outfitters is overrun with the generic afghan/square scarves, but I found these two to be quite refreshing. First, a gigantic chunky knit, in a natural tone, could carry an entire outfit (and would provide much warmth!) The second, an interesting ethnic-inspired hooded scarf, has a nordic print on the bottom, but a middle-eastern feel to it. I love the plain peacoat they picture it with - having a minimalist base and then this interesting, one of a kind scarf to top it off works really well.

Anthropologie: Cashmere Squiggle Scarf, $98 & Bubble Wrap Scarf, $38
Urban Outfitters: Deena & Ozzy Chunky Blanket Scarf, $48 & 2890 by Arne & Carlos Intarsia Hooded Scarf, $48

happy halloween!

Watch this beautiful short film, The Legend of the Scarecrow! It's worth the good nine minutes!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

peacoat pretty

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The Emma Hooded Toggle Coat from Delia*s has made it onto my Christmas List. Its adorable toggles give off a cute ski slope vibe, but the color is perfect for my 60 degree California winters! And at $70, my mom will be pleased I chose such a budget-friendly present!

Monday, October 19, 2009


This short film featuring the Puppini Sisters puts me in an excellent Halloween-y mood! I love the costumes (:

Saturday, October 17, 2009

sweet things

Dear Blog,
I feel like a terrible parent. It's been a month since I last posted, and I'm deeply sorry. If my Macbook's hard drive hadn't crashed, leaving me without a computer, I would probably be posting away as I was before "the incident" - LOST reference, anyone? (I don't think my computer breaking is as big of a deal as Juliette detonating a bomb, but it's almost of that caliber!) I've sneaked on to my brother's computer (since he's at school and I have the day off!) and decided that today is a good day to resurrect The Cupcake Aficionado and shape up on my posting habits! So without further ado... here are some sweet things, from me to you!

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I went on a cleaning rampage and finally organized my closet!
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I have always been obsessed with Olivia the Pig!
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J'adore TeenVogue!
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Canadian money is so pretty!
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So sweet!
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I've been collecting a jar of coins... almost full!
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QUACK! My friend gave me this for my 16th birthday haha!
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The best feeling in life is when you're cozy (:
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Found this while cleaning out my closet! It was my favorite when I was little.
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My bulletin board is getting awfully crowded.
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Running out of room on the jewelry mannequin... eeek!
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This Seventeen spread with the paint text was always my favorite! I layered it on top of a Billabong add to give it a little texture.
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I will always love the Juicy Couture charm necklace my mom got for me... even if it is so freshman year!
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Speaking of freshman year... photobooth strip from my first homecoming!