Wednesday, June 17, 2009

happy days

I am so obsessed with this song and this video. If you like cute French things, then this is for you. I try to make my life as carefree and sweet as this video is. Coeur de Pirate is such a great artist, she has a really good rendition of I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry.

I recently bought a cute Electra Townie bike and I've been riding it all over the place and taking photos. I'll post pictures soon!
Oh, and finally it's summer and it's lovely. In the past week, I've gone to a grad party, a wedding, my dad's friends vineyard for dinner, a surprise party, and have biked every day! It's so relaxing to stay up late and sleep in and have no worries about schoolwork and such (: How is summer going for you?
When I'm not riding my new "baby," I've been reading Three Cups of Tea, which is so inspiring and powerful, as well as doing the Seventeen Magazine fitness plan, I'm really motivated to start working out more and eating healthier because of it. I went to a friend's wedding on Saturday and bought an extremely cute dress at Anthropologie, and got silver wedges and a blueish silver pashmina to match. Below is a picture of the dress, and then of a scarf I bought at Anthro on sale!
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Brightness and Shadow Dress, Anthropologie
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Christelle Scarf, Anthropologie

Oh! Another thing I love about summer is a chance to catch up on TV shows or start watching a series that's been around forever and you've never gotten to. So, to start off, my friend got me hooked up The Hills, and as trashy and unrealistic as reality television might be, I am kind of in love with LC and her life... minus the drama. You know a girl crush? That's what I've got, I'm not gonna lie. I love her casual, poised style - she looks good in everything! Her internship at Teen Vogue with Whitney is what I've always dreamed of, and I love her apartment and attitude. If I wanted to be best friends with a celeberity, LC or Lo Bosworth would be at the top of my list, right behind Demi Lovato. They're all so adorable! Anywho, once I finish up with The Hills I'm gonna need another show to watch, maybe something a little more though provoking (:

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