Thursday, June 18, 2009

little survey

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I got this survey from Tru of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I love these things, thank you <3

Were you happy when you woke up? I felt really excited to have a day where nothing was planned, so yes, I think so.

Do you plan on moving in the next year? Nope, I think I'm here till I go off to college.

If you were to marry the last person you texted what would your last name be? I won't say their last name, but it'd be Irish and totally unlike me hah!

Is there one guy/girl you will always have feelings for? No, I haven't found someone like that yet.

When was the last time someone called you cute or hot? Two days ago.

Any summer plans for 2009? I'm here riding my bike and relaxing until the 13th of July, when I scoot off to Iowa to rebuild homes that were damaged by flooding last year, and then I come home for a couple days and go back out to Colorado to go to summer camp and backpack! My sixteenth birthday is August 9th, I get home from camp the next day and school starts just nine days later!

Have you ever quoted a line from a movie? I always quote Nacho Libre - "Would you like to come to my quarters for some toast?"

Still speak to any of your classmates from elementary school? Of course!

Who was the last person you talked to in person today? My dad, I haven't seen anyone else yet.

When someone says "we need to talk" what do you think? I always get so nervous and think I've done something terrible... I tend to overthink things.

Do you stay up later than 10 PM on a week night? During the summer, yes.

How did you get your last bruise? I got so many on my legs and I don't know where from - maybe biking? But I haven't fallen over so I am puzzled...

At this very moment, what are you doing? I'm on my bed under my comforter, listening to the new Jonas Brothers album and just finished watching The Hills. You can totally tell that I have soooo much to do today (;

Did you enjoy the movie Twilight? I haven't seen it yet! I'm not a groupie at all.... but my friend promised to bring her DVD over so we could watch it sometime this summer.

Could you survive the rest of your life without drinking alcohol? Of course.

Are you good at giving directions? I guess so.

Could you survive without electricity? Yeah, it'd be an adventure!

What time did you get up this morining? 7 AM

What time did you go to sleep? 12 AM

How often do you drink energy drinks? They are so gross, never!

Have you ever liked someone older than you? Yeah... didn't work out so well, he fell for the Danish foreign exchange student instead hah!

Are you waiting for something? I'm waiting for my mom to get home so I can ask her if she'll drive me places today.

Are girls too dramatic? Yes, it's something I absolutely loathe.

Have you learned any life lessons? Yeah, I've learned to manage my time and think before I act. And right now, I'm learning who my true friends are and aren't.

Do you ever think "what if"? All the time, baby.

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