Monday, January 25, 2010

the guacamole experiment

This week is a busy week! The original one act play I've been writing with 9 other kids at school is going up on Wednesday night! It's been a long process, tiring and stressful, and many days I've just wanted to quit, but I'm glad we're going up. It's been a really interesting experience, to say the least.
I know I'll be out late every night, with the show and all, and with my mountains of homework, I don't know how I'll be able to get any exercise in. So, to keep my energy up and my spirits high, I'm taking a break from junk food and sweets, and trying to eat exceptionally healthy this week!
I started off today with a lovely bowl of strawberries and a banana, and toasted a small piece of rye bread with a bit of butter. Jasmine tea was my beverage of choice, as it makes me feel awfully smart and relaxed. I sat down and did my chapter reading and essay questions for history, and felt sufficiently full and content.
After an hour and forty-five minutes of reading and writing, I took Maizie, my fluff monster of a Goldendoodle, on a 40 minute hike. It's been rather brisk, due to the excess rain we've been getting, so it was nice getting out.
Came home, did some cleaning, and Mom left to pick up Dad at the airport, so I offered to make something for them to eat when they got home.
For the next half an hour, I carefully prepared my ingredients and made my absolute favorite snack - homemade guacamole!

4 avocados, mashed

cherry tomatos, lemon, seasoning salt, and onion

Well, Mom and Dad came home and were surprised! Now, Mom's at the stove making little quesadillas with sautéed veggies to go along with my guac. Yummy :)

One of my new years' resolutions was to learn how to cook, and slowly but surely, I am becoming better at preparing and creating my own masterpieces!

Oh, and do you know what I'm obsessed with? Those little Babel cheese things in the red wax - I bought a bag of the "Light" kind, and they are only 90 calories, such a yummy snack!

I'm going to see how my week goes, and hopefully record my further adventures in the healthy eating!

What have you been cooking up in your kitchen lately? Any healthy eating tips?


  1. Hello! Thank you for your comment, its nice to meet you. I'm glad I could help be inspirational, haha! And thank you so much, if you're talking about the girl pictured in the post, that's actually my friend Courtney. She's so incredibly photogenic! But if you're talking about me (I have short brown hair & blue eyes) then thank you very much!

  2. I meant you, but both of you have incredible hair and eyes, haha! Love your blog, I'm looking forward to your future posts :)

  3. Ooh, this looks sensational - and so healthy! I really need to learn how to cook a bit more; I only know standard things in the kitchen. And as of late I have only been whipping up coffee - and lots of it!! :)

    Those little Babel Cheese things sound yummy - plus they're adorable!! :)