Friday, January 1, 2010

the resolution

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I want 2010 to be a successful year. Wait - who doesn't? Instead of dwelling on the past and mistakes I've made and things I wish I had done, I'm going to attempt to keep a positive outlook on life and enjoy myself more. I'm entering my last semester as a junior, and next year will be my senior year... I want to make the most of my high school experience. After all, it's the only one I'll get!

I dug up my New Years Resolutions from last year... I stayed pretty true to most of them:

1) Challenge myself to spend more time learning outside of school

In 2009, I finally learned how to use my Canon EOS 20D camera... I sat down with the manual and actually learned about all the settings. The camera has been a great blessing - photography is one of my favorite things, and I can't wait to keep on snapping photos in 2010!

2) Think positive more often

This resolution is always a hard one... because it's easy to forget about when you're stressed and upset. I think I stayed pretty true to this last year. Everyone has their ups and downs, but I feel like for the most part, I stayed extremely level-headed and calm in the toughest of situations, and for that, I am proud of myself!

3) Tap into my creative side more often

2009 was a great year in school for me, because I applied to and was admitted onto my school newspaper staff! We're a Pacemaker winning paper, and I'm so lucky to be involved with such a great publication! My favorite part of the paper, besides the freedom to write fun, upbeat articles, is the layout and design aspect. Let's just say that Photoshop, InDesign and I are buddies! I had a lot of fun last semester as Assistant Lifestyles editor, laying out pages and exploring new and innovative design layouts for every issue. This upcoming semester, I'm taking on the Review editor position... I'm so excited!

4) Be more grateful for everything around me

The summer of 2009 held an awesome opportunity for me. I got to travel to Cedar Rapids, Iowa and help with flood relief work with the national teen leadership group I am apart of. After seeing the damage the floods of Summer 2008 had on the Iowa community, and helping restore their neighborhoods by doing yard work and construction work, I realized how lucky I am to never have been affected by such a devastating tragedy in my own community. The people we worked with were so grateful for our help - we worked in a neighborhood where most of the homes had been abandoned after water had destroyed everything. I consider myself lucky to be so blessed where I live, and also grateful for the opportunity I had to touch the lives of other people.

5) Try to think before saying things out loud

Hmmm.... I can't really remember if I stuck with this resolution or not! All I know is that I didn't mess up big time this year, by saying something I shouldn't have... so I think I accomplished this goal!

6) Work out more

Ha. Ha. Well, I have to say that even though I didn't work out all the time, I did get much use out of my electra townie bike, Baby Wasabi. Baby W and I have become great pals, and not even a flat tire can get in the way of our friendship! I love riding my bike, it's one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities I've ever done. It helps that Baby W is super cute and easy to ride :) Oh - and I felt very accomplished after I came home from backpacking in Colorado this summer and weighed myself - I had lost 15 pounds! My jeans have felt a little less snug, which is nice! I'm excited to tell you guys about my new exercise adventures in Zumba classes, which I took up this holiday break. Hopefully, I'll continue to work towards a healthier, more active lifestyle in 2010!

7) Be more adventurous and take risks

I'm happy with the outcome of this resolution! I tried a lot of new things this year, and found that I loved most of them! I've learned to be more of a go-getter, and be self-sufficient. I also have become more social, branching out and becoming friends with people I would have never even considered talking to a year ago. The activities like newspaper and cabaret in San Francisco that I started in 2009 have led me to greater opportunities. Now I love the thrill of trying new things!

That being out of the way... I've decided to stick to the idea of obtainable goals. Without further ado, my resolutions for 2010 are as follows:

1) Write in my new journal often

I've acquired a daily Moleskine planner, which I've decided to convert into a daily journal/inspiration book. I just started my first page! I'm so excited to see if I can keep up with writing every day... that's definitely going to be a challenge!

2) Learn to cook

I'm going to college in a year and half (OMIGOSH!) so I better learn how to become a master chef like my dear mother! I'm obsessed with good food - the Barefoot Contessa, the fabulous Ms. Ina Garten, is my idol! I read her cookbooks religiously, but unfortunately the only food I am currently able to make includes toast, grilled cheese, and salad. I hopefully will pull a Julie Powell and blog about some of the creations I make this year with my mom... I can't wait to start making yummy food!

3) Enjoy working out (and work out more)

Very similar to last year's goal, I'm planning on keeping up the biking routine and using my gym membership more often. Going to the gym more will also give me a reason to buy myself cute workout clothes from Lululemon! You can never be too stylish when you work out (I think it makes the whole experience way more fun!)

4) Have fun

Sounds simple, right? As I said at the beginning of this post, I'm coming upon my last years as a teenager. I definitely don't want those to go to waste.

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Hello 2010!


  1. you're smart - you have all very realistic resolutions and very similar to mine! positive thinking and take more risks are def things i need to work on...
    hope you have a WONDERful year!

  2. You are super smart and super adorable! No doubt you will have a great year!

  3. Great ideas! I wish you the best!!!

  4. Such a wonderful array of resolutions - I'm convinced that you'll achieve each and every one of them in 2010. Happy, Happy New Year my love! :)