Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ready for take off

My mom told me I looked like a flight attendant.
I told her, "Flight attendants don't wear jeans!"

Wearing: CAbi blazer, CAbi scarf, Forever 21 white shirt,
C&C black tank, DKNY jeans, Frye slingbacks


  1. Love the scarf. The pattern is so pretty :)

  2. Happy sunday...nominating you for Best Blog award : )
    Pass it on to 15 of your faves!

  3. you can totally pull off the ascot scarf look, and im a sucker for mustard colored flats:)

  4. Even if you did look like a flight attendant, flight attendants are hot.
    (At least, they used to be. Apparently. Like in that one Leonardo Dicaprio movie.)

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  6. love how you paired the blazer and the scarf...I kind of see how it's flight-attendant reminiscent, but your version just has more a style quality to it, rather than uniform...
    Anyhoo, I'm liking the blog!
    Say, come and check out mine? it's, I'd really love it if you do...

    Ps: I'm running a sort of inter-blog competition too, come check it out, and join in if you feel like it, more info on the Officiers de Mode page!