Tuesday, February 16, 2010

tiny fashionista

I marvel at how absolutely sassy these Crew Cuts models look in their perfectly petite outfits! My favorite part? The tomboyish hints added here and there to give their looks some rough and tough, funky flare, perfect for the playground. I love the rugged backpack and sneakers with untied laces! Reminds me so much of my effort in elementary school to be pretty and sporty at the same time... except for instead of J. Crew dresses and Doc Martens, I was sporting glittery Limited Too get ups with newsboy caps! As much as I always want to look feminine and flirty, there will always be that bit of tomboy and adventure in me, no matter what age :)


  1. Those are soo cute! It's trendy but age appropriate. Love the first outfit!

  2. ummm can i get that in my size lol? i will admit that i do buy headbands from the crew cuts section hehe

    also, i'm hosting a giveaway - come check it out :)